Repertoire / My Jerusalem

A ballet by Boris Eifman
Music: techno groups Wanfried,
The Future Sound of London, Reload;
Jewish, Christian, Muslim religious and ethno music;
Aria by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Sets and costumes: Vyacheslav Okunev

Premiere: March 27, 1998

The My Jerusalem ballet is a performance touching upon timeless problems of human being. In a vivid modern style, this dance production tells us about the three spiritual pillars of humankind: Faith, Hope and Charity…

The theatrical performance unfolds itself in the medium of music and voice that soaks up religious tunes, ethnic rhythms and the throbbing beats of techno. Closer to the end of the show this music polyphony merges into one powerful stream. And brings silence. The silence, out of which comes the magnificent music of Mozart through which the winds of Eternity are blowing. The utmost beauty and harmony of this melodies convincingly reinforce the spiritual enlightenment of the heroes. It is through suffering and mistakes that they discover the feeling of the great, universally human Love permeating all the main religions of the world. The My Jerusalem ballet holds promises of hope that religious conflicts can be overcome and the brotherly union of all peoples is not a mere fancy. 

The idea of staging this performance came to the choreographer after his visit to Jerusalem, whence the name of the ballet reflecting Eifman’s view of the Eternal City. Unlike his previous ballets, here Eifman is much less preoccupied with presenting a story of human drama. No specific events or realities are contained in it. But, by means of dance plastique and choreography of the purest tint, the spiritual Jerusalem stands up in our minds.



“Every one who at least once in life has been to Jerusalem, is bound to have been gripped by the feeling of fascination that is always aroused in our souls when we touch the Holy Land.
My first personal impressions of that have been unforgettable:
When I first in my life came up to the Wailing Wall,
When I first touched the Holy Sepulcher,
And timorously entered the Mosque of Omar…

This is the path that my heroes are to travel in this ballet, immersing themselves in the spiritual wisdom of the three great religions and discovering in them the same Skies, the same Sun, the same World and the God's Love pouring out upon everybody. Hosanna!”

Boris Eifman