Tour of South Caucasus

Eifman Ballet’s tour of South Caucasus is coming. It kicks off in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, where the Company will perform on April 22 and 23.

In Tbilisi, Eifman Ballet will present Rodin, Her Eternal Idol. The dancers will perform at the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre. This venue welcomed the Company during its previous tour in Tbilisi in April 2016. Three years ago, Eifman Ballet presented Anna Karenina. Boris Eifman’s choreographic interpretation of the novel by Leo Tolstoy enchanted the Tbilisi audience.

On April 25, the Company will present its art in Baku. Beyond Sin will be danced at the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. The event to be held as part of the Mstislav Rastropovich International Festival in Baku. The Company will appear in the capital of Azerbaijan for the first time since 1982.